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(562) 923-6060

Primary Care Services

Dedicated to providing compassionate,
high-quality healthcare.

We are excited and honored to serve your primary care needs. At AME Medical Group, our cohort of well-qualified physicians with various specialties, create a knowledge base of world-class intellectual capital in medicine. As our primary care patient, you will have access to:

  • Same day appointments from Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm.
  • Access to any one of our 9 locations.
  • Responsible insurance authorization and referral management.
  • A highly qualified set of providers to provide you with long-standing healthcare that fits your needs.

Call us at (562) 923-6060 to schedule an appointment today to get started on your medical care and establish a relationship with our friendly, professional, and well-qualified providers!


Primary Care Services

Routine Check-Ups

Chronic Disease Management

(e.g., diabetes, hypertension)

Preventive Care

(e.g., immunizations, screenings)

Men's Health

(e.g., prostate exams)

Pediatric Care

(e.g., well-child visits, immunizations)

Geriatric Care

(e.g., Pap smears, breast exams)

Women's Health

(e.g., Pap smears, breast exams)